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Post-operative instructions Laparoscopic Hernia Repair


Mild discomfort after your surgery is not uncommon
For pain relief:
take Panadol, Panadeine, Panadeine Forte, or Endone as prescribed
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (egBrufen) can also be taken if the discomfort is still troublesome. This will work together with Panadol type drugs. Call the Hospital if the pain is severe and increasing


You can shower within 12 hours after your surgery
The dressings are waterproof and will resist water from a shower
You should not take a bath or swim until the wounds are dry
Keep the waterproof dressings in place for 1 week
Peel the dressings off just before a shower at 1 week after surgery
There will be a little blood stained fluid under the dressings, just rinse it off in the shower and dab dry with a clean towel


The wounds are closed with buried, dissolving sutures and ‘steri-strips.’
You do not need to have stitches removed.
The paper steri-strips can be peeled off with the dressings or when they start to lift off.
Some patients notice some bruising around the genitals after a day or 2, it will usually settle spontaneously.
Male patients might experience mild testicular discomfort.
Wound infection is an uncommon complication of surgery, but might require treatment:
Contact Dr Crawford or your GP if you are worried or:
There is increasing pain, redness, smell or discharge from the wound.


It is recommended that you have 7-14 days off work and no
heavy lifting (more than a chair) for 4 weeks
You should avoid rigorous, competitive sport for 4-6 weeks
You can drive as soon as you can safely control the vehicle (usually a few days after surgery)


Take routine medications from the day after surgery

Follow Up:

If you have not already booked a follow up appointment, please phone the rooms and book an appointment for 3-4 weeks’ time

Contact Numbers:

Dr Crawford (Newtown and Mater Rooms) 02 9565 4854
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital 02 9515 6111
The Mater Hospital 02 9900 7300